Do you remember the Sixties ?

At this enthusiastic time was the full employment and the most well to do families equiped themselves with the very last technology:

The Concert Stereo Console.

Grundig KS 550 Stereo Console

These systems were expensive - up to $ thousands. They were equivalent to months of salary. The emerging technology of the transistor had not already invaded the electronics market...

In these stereo consoles, the circuits were, for the most, handy made. Componants mounted in air, soldered one with each other or even connected via intermediate links. These circuitries were preventing from the drawbacks infered from printed boards, also known as parasite capacities with abondance of high frequencies. Also, it is admitted that the heat produced by the tubes is not the best thing with bakelite printed board. The most serious circuits made use of steatite supports for the tubes, in order to isolate the chassis from the calories.

When the printed boards multiplied, one could read Handy Made on some advertisements. This was the last defense to this dying technology ; some arguments we would like to read more often in this crisis age ;-)
The Sixties illustrate with the full employment and manufacturing a stereo console makes use of different jobs such as:

For sure, these sets considered as hi-fi systems at that time (the separate element sets just began to appear) were not attainable by everyone, either because of the high price either for the bulk... So, only the most fortunate could reach the fabulous Sound of the Tubes.

Upon this point and with some experience, it's worth noting that this has not most changed ;-)

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