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The first Stereo Consoles Manufacturer in the World accustomed us to marvels of finish and quality. At each step, electronics, mechanics or joinery, everything in these sets is made to last. Maybe one can find some weakness with ageing of certain Alpax moulded parts. Some tuners inertia weels may crumble at gripping on the axle. However, this problem wouldn't be generalized according to different sources.

Electronics astonish with their reliability ; the chemical capacitors, notably, seem to not suffer the ravages of time... As for the tubes, the diagrams demonstrate the know-how of the conceptors and only an appropriate sizing of the components can allow this longevity. A sharp check to the idea that tube assemblies are not reliable.

Thanks to the Grundig Advertising Department - Germany, for allowing the publication of the diagrams available on this site.

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