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The famous MOD player for Windows.

A small piece of history :

In 1994, I discovered this shareware in a floppy distributed with a magazine. Maybe was it version 1.10. This program wasn't the only MOD player for Windows, but the one which didn't hang or so rarely. Moreover, it was the most powerful...

With the Internet democratization, I discovered with joy the author of this fabulous program, Kay BRUNS. Kay lives in Germany and I believe that without e-mail, I would never have contact him.

E-Mail breaks the psychological barriers and permits the communication between people who normally wouldn't.

When MOD4WIN 2.12 was released, the interface had been completely revamped. After few months, I decided to register and I proposed to Kay to realize the French version.

MOD4WIN development has been stopped.

Kay decided to make the last beta 2.40 free.

Download the last free beta 2.40 unlimited now MOD4WIN Now ! (2435 K)

Also available, the Windows multimedia player Plugin (104 K)

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